Midwifery Photography

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get professional photos from the shores of oahu to use on your midwifery journey

While you're in Hawaii, schedule a private photo session on the shores of Oahu that you can use on your journey to midwifery. (If your family is with you, bring them too for a few photos!) In 30 minutes, I'll shoot enough to deliver 80 edited photos. These sessions are offered in conjunction with the Indie Birth "Answering the Call" retreat and are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.


Each session is exactly 30 minutes long. During that time, I will shoot enough shots to provide you with 80 edited photos. (You can expect your edited photos to be delivered with 7 days of your session.)

Exact location of sessions in the Kailua (Oahu) area will be sent to you will be chosen based on the current weather and lighting conditions. I will contact you to schedule as we get closer to the event.

30 MInute SESSION:



IT is important that you are not late for your session. DUE TO LIMITED availability, all sessions are non-refundable, unless session is cancelled due to weather.

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My clients say

I’ve been in front of the camera with dozens of photographers and Amelia is one of the most natural photographers I’ve worked with. Her photography reflects that. Nothing beats the combo of relaxed models and a stunning use of natural lighting.